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October 26, 2013

A Ghostly and Creepy Crawly Night!!!

I'm so excited!!!  It's finally the weekend!!  I plan to hole up in my crafty spot and work non-stop on Halloween cards!!!  I guess you can tell by now I love this frightful day!!  LOL!!!  Below are a couple of cards I made using a ghost and a really awesome tarantula.    Now you all will have to bear with me, but I have to tell you a story about this tarantula and my daughter Amanda.  As you most know, Amanda is off to college now at Western Washington University.  However, a few years ago I bought this tarantula punch.  One evening, my teenage daughter was being a typical teenage girl.  She was a sophomore in high school and being particularly difficult.  Well Mom decided to lighten things up.  She had been in her room all evening with the door closed and only coming out for absolute necessities.  Well, I punched out a couple of these tarantulas and put them right outside her door in a dark corner.  One on the floor and a second starting to crawl up the wall.  I thought to myself then they sure looked real.  Well, late that evening she eventually came out.  At that point I had forgotten about the spiders.  I was sitting downstairs in the living room reading when I see her start to go back towards her room.  The next thing I know I hear this blood cuddling scream!! Whatever she had in her hands went flying, my husband runs out of the bedroom yelling what's wrong, the dogs start barking and the cat is running anywhere but where she's at!!  Amanda is up on a chair screaming and my husband is running up the stairs to the rescue.  I then realize what she has seen and lose it.  I'm laughing so hard I'm crying and can't even talk.  Priceless is all I can say!!  Needless to say, was I ever in trouble!!  Between you and me though.....it was worth it!!!  LOL!!!  

Here are the cards below:

Here's a picture of the inside.

I love to see your comments!!  Stay tuned for more fun featuring the spooky, creepy and crawly I have to offer!!  LOL!!!
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